The Hogwarts Express is on the Move

(As orated by Chris in a rather haphazard way, and gleefully edited by Lisa)

Yesterday, Saturday, they removed the turban and the brain straw (with a strange sucking sound as it was pulled out). Although these pictures may look a bit frightening, there is actually not much pain now. I just need to remember to keep my eyebrows still, because up or down pulls the skin (and could cause the train to jump the tracks).


The staples come out in about two weeks, and it should be easy and painless. Until then, I need to wear a hat to keep the sun off my bald head, and to keep all that metal from heating up (just kidding). I’ve received many a comment that I look like Yul Brenner, Mr. Clean, or Captain Picard (engage!) and the stubble is already growing in. I intend to let my hair grow once we’ve evened out the edges.

Late in the afternoon yesterday, I was moved to my own room. And today I got to put on my own robe and underwear (ahhhh, that feels good). I considered putting on my own pajamas but decided that could wait for another day. The hospital gown is bit airy, but okay for now.

My good friend Barry came to visit me today, as well as my son CJ and his posse who brought me a beautiful orchid.


I was hoping to be able to shave the stubble on my cheeks, but I was told I can’t use even an electric razor until I stop taking the blood thinner med.

Although I am still feeling dizzy, I used a walker to get from my room to the info desk down the hall. The nurse’s instructions are for me keep my eyes up and looking forward, and go slowly and deliberately. (As my sister said, good advice for just about everybody.)

I’m very thankful for all the wonderful support I’m being given by the nurses – Beth, Christina, Hannah, Lydia, Mariama, and more. I’ve been trying hard to remember their names, but I do confess that the events of the past few days are a little scrambled.

I’m hoping to go home tomorrow (Monday), but we’ll see what the PT and my BFD says first. Gotta be steady on my feet for my best friend doc Edy.