It’s Good to be Home

… even after a 9 hour wait. Chris is finally home! He’s off in lullaby land at this late hour, after having a tasty dinner of ziti pasta made by friend and neighbor Diane (I had some too and it was deeeelicious).

engageNicole and I drove to the hospital this morning after receiving a call from him saying he’d heard they were going to release him today. Upon our arrival, we saw for ourselves that he was indeed well and able enough to “engage” with us and everyone who stopped in to take his temperature and blood pressure, give him a shot, and tell us (many many times) the paperwork is in the works and it won’t be long now.

Really. It was wonderful to have nurse Beth come by every so often to give us status updates, which helped Nic and I to relax and be able to wait and wait some more.

Busy BFD Edy came in after a long day of his own, to inspect his handiwork and give excellent directions to Chris. And I quote, “Don’t go back to work for a month”, and then he chuckled knowing full well Chris would likely not be able to keep up with that prescription for the duration. Still, he promised he’d be a good patient and follow the Doc’s orders and make sure he rests when he gets even a little tired.

After the Doc left, he got a surprise visit from friend Janet who came in to say hello and provide some much needed distraction whilst the hospital staff continued working on the paperwork. She mentioned she’d stopped by the past two nights but he’d been asleep and looking quite peaceful she didn’t want to disturb him.

Finally, the paperwork was all done (after a couple of confirmations by the gracious nurse Beth), and Chris got a wheelchair ride to the car (no wheelies). He handled the ride home with just a few bouts of dizzyness as I drove through the now very familiar streets and highways and byways.


He really is doing so surprisingly well for a guy who just had brain surgery five days ago.

I go back to my own home tomorrow morning, and now Nic, CJ, Pam and all the wonderful neighbors and friends who’ve come together to help out here and there, will make sure Chris fully heals and is back on his feet in due time.

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful parts of us.” – David Richo