A Quick About Me

Hi! I’m Chris G., who underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor, more accurately called a “meningioma”. Although it turned out to be rated by pathology as a type 1, benign tumor, at the initial diagnosis it looked like a type 2, atypical. This all came about because I had what I later learned was a ‘focal seizure’ in late July 2013 on the golf course. My golf buddies threatened to tell my wife if I didn’t go see a doctor and get it checked out. That forced my hand – I’d been avoiding seeing a doctor for years.

After a little scare from my not-so-regular doctor, Nicole (my wife) took me to see a neurologist who ordered a bunch of tests. Long story short, I’m in great shape from the neck down. But on our 21st anniversary I had an MRI and the neurologist called about 90 minutes later to tell me I had a golf ball-sized tumor and needed to find a neuro-surgeon and have it removed asap. Fortunately, I knew one, a client of 14 years and a great guy with a wonderful family. I called his wife, she called him, he called me and the rest is history. 10 days later the operation was a success!

The recovery is just starting and will be long and slow, but I am confident it’ll put me into a new  and positive ‘normal’. I have read several other blogs of people who have undergone brain surgery, in particular Chad’s http://thebrainchancery.com and Geraldine’s http://www.everywhereist.com/ and her 20 things to expect after brain surgery. Those inspired me to write about my own experience, and to invite/ask some of my caregivers to blog about their experiences – which gets so little attention anywhere.

It’s still early times, but I hope to continue this blog as I progress through recovery. I hope you find my little missives helpful in understanding what I’ve come to realize is a lot more common of an experience than I’d ever expected or thought about before. To anyone who’s had or going to have, or who knows someone of our exclusive club, welcome and I hope this informs you and hopefully entertains you just a little bit. I’ve found humor to be truly the best medicine!

My heartfelt thanks to all my caregivers and especially my wife Nicole, my sister Lisa, my son CJ, and my BFD Dr. Edy Aulisi for their loving-care, patience and empathy – they are my heroes! And to my BFFs Hemant, Barry and Michael, and my clergy Amy and Jeff, and to the many, many family and friends who have given me so much support and comfort in such a short time. I know this will continue as I go through the whole recovery period.

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