The Brain Game vs. Marvin the Alien

marvin the alien

Meet Marvin the Alien

So I passed my MRI scan around, and my loveable crazy brother Dave sent me this back, what a hoot! Have to introduce Marvin to Haas Ararauna, maybe I’ll get a visit!


Today was an easy day, but started way early. The new meds make me edgy and can’t sleep but in fits and starts, so I’m like Two-face with the meds warring over my personality. I’m going to get used to this, I know. It’ll just take some time, and that does seem to be going by very quickly as promised by my doc.

I’m so darn lucky I’m surrounded by lots of friends and relatives who love me and care. Unfortunately, my reserves are kinda low so I can’t do too much at a time. Nicole is setting up a caring bridge webpage for me, so they can all keep up without having to call and visit too much. Not that visits are bad, I really want to see people! Just not too many in one day, and not for too long a time.

Talked to/texted with my golf buddies today, and maybe they’ll come see me tomorrow. That’d be awesome because they really saved my life! If they hadn’t threatened to tell on me if I didn’t get this problem checked out, I’d have just ignored the first seizure and probably the 2nd, then wait to do something after a grand mal – which would’ve been bad. I owe these guys!

So down to four days and a wake-up before surgery (my old Navy buddies will recognize that saying), and after that, we’ll take it one day at a time. Now to coax some sleep out of this old bod.As my BFD (best friend doc) Edy tells it, once your brain is compressed, it mostly stays that way. Brain tissue is sort of like styrofoam. I forgot to ask him what happens with the hole the tumor removal will leave, but I guess it’ll just fill up with spinal fluid – gee is that a swimming pool I see in your brain?


If it stayed empty, I’d ask for a hinge and handle on the cranium patch and maybe I could store my car keys in it or something. They will do a quickie analysis of the tumor during surgery to get a better ID on it, which may help guide Edy on how aggressive he needs to be to clear the edges I guess. Nothing like a tile-lined pool to replace Marvin!

Oh, a big thank you to my friends Anne and Mike for the great Break the Fast dinner tonite. Quiche is yummy and the brownie was awesome, thanks!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll try vlogging with my iPad. Hah!

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