3 Days and a Wake-up!

Wide-awake-fan-art-katheryn-elizabeth-hudson-32065029-625-417Time is flying by, Thursday’s the big day for Doc Edy to clear my mind for me. Steroid meds are keeping me up at night, couldn’t get to sleep till 5am this morning, then only slept for 3 hours. Got another 1 1/2 hours in the afternoon – Thanks Mel for your meditation by phone goodness! So before the new meds I was fast asleep usually by 9pm, it’s now after 11 and I’m wide awake! And just had to make a batch of juice, thanks to the teachings of Pam!

greatfallsparkToday my wonderful friend Barry kidnapped me and took me out to Great Falls to look at the…falls. So nice and scenic and quite peaceful except for some barking dogs. It was mostly an easy walk, but needed my cane and at one point Barry’s help to get over some rocks – that darn leg just won’t work right anymore! This was a truly special time, we talked about lots of different stuff – not just the upcoming surgery, but also about CJ’s college plans, solving the world’s problems and even helping some tourists get their pictures. What a great time that I really treasure!

Afterwards he took me to Sweet Leaf for a healthy salad and at the last minute we went to Lava Yogurt for a slightly less healthy treat. Got to see Mike and Denise, what a great time to sit with them in their bright and cheery shop and chat! Unfortunately, my stamina was fading and so Barry brought me back home just a little late for my time with Melanie who got my mind to stop long enough to get some sleep – she’s fantastic!

Barry is a true and wonderful friend for taking time out of his day to make mine so special, thank you!

Did a Google Hangout with some family to catch everybody up, but spent too much time dealing with tech issues and not enough just chatting. That forced another hour of horizontal almost-asleep-ness, but it was very nice to see Gary and Sue, Lisa, and of course my Mom. Then a reasonably small dinner

So now I lay me down and will try to sleep. I hope it comes. If not, I just might add some musings to this post in the wee small hours (cue music).