My brain, not on drugs

IMG_2619Ok, so I saw my best doc friend Edy yesterday. Got a picture of my tumor. This is an atypical meningioma, attached to and growing from the central membrane that runs in-between the 2 halves of my walnut brain. I ‘amazed’ my doc in that I passed the tests for motor coordination with flying colors. Amazed because the whole right side of my brain is swelled up like an over-ripe fruit. I guess I let left-brain do some compensating. I totally get off on amazing my doc!

Now I’ve been on anti-seizure meds, but only started the steroids last night. The goal is to get that swelling reduced as much as possible before surgery, so I’m on a pretty hefty dose. This is making me a little bit two-faced, with the anti-seizure med making me sleep alot, not being hungry and a bit o’ the crying PMS stuff – man up Chris! But the new ingredient in this cocktail is making me hyper and perhaps a bit testy at times – I don’t think the testy part has shown up yet, but if/when it does, I’m already sorry! The hyper part has kicked in so I was up at 4:30 this morning and have been messing around on the computer trying to bore myself to sleep. Not happening.

Hopefully I’ll adjust to the cocktail quickly, I want to sleep!

So surgery is gonna be this Thursday mid-day after a morning of prep. Edy hasn’t lost a patient in 25 years of doing this, and he ain’t gonna lose one this week! I expect to sail through the whole procedure, sleep through till Friday, and then be walking stairs by Sunday. I have to be able to walk up and down stairs in order to go home. Doc said don’t work for a month – hah! I’ll certainly lay low for awhile, but I actually love my work (at least the fun parts of it), and plan to start doing stuff pretty quickly.

Still having crying jags and doing the whole ‘woe is me’ bit, but my biggest worries are actually for Nicole and CJ. This has gotta be tough on my family and I wish I could make it easier for them. Maybe with my hyper-human strength (thanks, steroids!) I can be a bit more useful around the house while we’re waiting for Thursday. What can I build? Fix? Clean? Organize?

So today is going to be lower-key than yesterday, that’s good. All right, time for some food and another shot of swell-reducing goodness. Reading back over this and correcting spelling and grammar (ok, I’m a little anal about some things), even this post sounds two-faced! I’ll leave it as is though, be interested to re-read this in a few weeks…