Thirty is a Good Number

<Lisa here. I spoke with my brother last night, and I’m now writing what is probably my last post for Chris. His thinking is much clearer and it seems there’s no longer any need for the sistah-filter. So, without further ado…>

hoppybrainIt’s been 30 days since surgery, 30 days without Marvin. Nicole says it’s amazing how much progress I have made in these thirty days. (Stagger, stagger. Crawl, crawl. Hop, Hop!)

Patti, the Occupational Therapist has fired herself. I have only two more days with Larry, the Physical Therapist, and then it’s all up to me. It’s kinda sad to see them go, and I can’t thank them enough for all that they have done for me, to help me get to where I am today.

Finally able to sleep upstairs. Dress myself. Make my own breakfast. Do the dishes. Even walk about the house sans cane… although I will be using that support for awhile just to help steady myself as I continue to get used to the motion of the ocean inside my head.

AstroI’m strengthening my sea legs by taking Astro for “long” walks outside (albeit assisted). I sat down at the piano the other day and baby, I still got chops! Even better, Nicole and I went on a date the other day, grocery shopping, which was my first time in a car since the trip to the doc to get the staples removed. I’m ready to start having CJ drive me around, cuz that’ll combat the cabin-fever I’ve been feeling.

I’m still a little slow putting thoughts together, but that is improving. I still have a constant headache, and every now and then it becomes a nasty-icky one, but my big sister says that will go away.  I’m still not sleeping through the night, but that too will change as I start taking shorter and fewer naps during the day.

My concentration is good and I am able to stay focused. I’ve been working on the PosiTek site, which went live this past week, and I’m just fixing a few bugs and making sure all is well with the internals. I do close my eyes every 5 or 10 minutes for a sensory break, and I shrug my shoulders and move my arms around and also walk a bit just to help stay loose. I’m glad to be back at work.

Nicole is back to work now too. We’re very thankful for all the food brought over by friends and neighbors, which will keep us going until I’m fully able to chef up a real meal for my family.

I suppose from here on out it’ll be incremental improvements that’ll be barely noticeable by those around me. I’ll notice, and I’ll record those little changes in this blog. Though I suspect it might get a bit boring for you, my dear readers.

Still. We are ecstatic with my recovery, and very grateful for all the care and love from everyone who has helped us make it to this day on the calendar…


And, we are grateful for all the days to follow.

2 thoughts on “Thirty is a Good Number

  1. lswen

    Yah, 30 is a good number…….and you are doing great lil’ brothah. 60 will be SO much better!
    As long as you stay away from eating “powdered donuts” :o)…’ll sail right into the next 30.

    Hang in there super-powered Chris……..those blasted headaches WILL hit the road eventually.

    Dag-nabbit……wish I had stuck with piano lessons, since that must be great healing therapy as well.

    Lisa……thank you so much for your hilarious sistah-filters on the posts. Youz iz outta-dis-world!

    1. Chris

      Thanks Laura, things are a thousand percent better this week than last, and last week was a thousand percent better than the week before. Just wish these headaches would hit the road sooner rather than later. And I’m enjoying playing a little piano, planning on re-teaching myself to play guitar starting in a couple of weeks.

      And Lisa’s posts are da bomb!