Better Late Post than Never

<Lisa here. Sorry it’s been a few days since Chris and I have hung out, and so I’m not up to date with how he’s doing today. So, what follows is information from last Monday morning. I promise I’ll catch up with him soon and get more current news.>

hanstablebegone2Look! I’m wearing real clothes! And taking showers all by m’self. I’m also sleeping upstairs in our own bed, which is way better than sleeping downstairs in the guest room (also known as our “recovery room”).

I’m walking around with just the cane, and really feel a lot steadier on my feet. Although that magic glass is still sloshing around in my head and it feels like I’m on a boat. I don’t get seasick as long as I don’t turn my head too quick. <Oops, that’s a double-negative sentence.>

We had quite a few visitors this past weekend who brought good food and good times. I still needed a few power naps in between each visitor, and every once in awhile I still experience a zoomer <translation: a “zoomer” is Chris’ nickname for a headache that goes from 2 to 4+ really fast>, which means I had to take one of the powerful pain meds. But, I switched back to aspirin as quickly as possible.

missedmebythatmuchI’m a bit slow thinking today cuz I’ve been working on the new website, which is looking good! Unlike the ceiling in the spare room, which collapsed yesterday because it had been raining really hard all weekend, and let us know so unceremoniously that the old leak we fixed years ago wasn’t really fixed. I was standing almost underneath the darn thing when it fell. Missed me by that much!

Sooooo. The roofer guy is coming on Wednesday to take care of the roof and make sure there’s no damage in the attic. And we still gotta get a guy to fix that ceiling.

Later today, Larry the PT guy is gonna take me for a walk outside, and I’ll be wearing my new Tilley hat that Nicole got for me. I’ve got the poker table set up and we’re going to play cards today. I do have the poker chips all ready, but I think we’ll start with playing Gin.

After card games with Larry, I’m gonna take a nap. Then I’ll be all re-energized for Robert and Julie, who are coming over to teach us how to play cribbage. I’d learned a lot of card games as a kid, but I just don’t remember Cribbage.

Cards = good brain retraining exercises. And yes, cards = fun too, especially with chips. And beer, erm, broccoli.