Blast from the Past

Image-0077Otherwise known as an embarrassing family photo of kid Chris (courtesy of brother Dave).  Yeah, seems the dude cannot escape his past. Which is a good thing cuz he and all of his siblings have long grown up beyond those silly days when we fought over everything. But we also played a lot (still do), and I remember the boys incessantly tickling me until I screamed for my mom to make them stop. But enough about me.

Nicole talked with the nurses this am, and they said he had a good night’s sleep and will be ready to move to a room once one becomes available. Hurray! And, he’s asked for his iPad and some chocolate pudding. Yum, chocolate pudding, which brings up another childhood memory…

dixiecupsWe were on vacation up in Canada and our mom made chocolate pudding for us. We each got a dixie cup full. I don’t remember what prompted it but I threatened Chris with my chocolate pudding (silly me). My arm drew back and I made the motion to throw knowing full well I wasn’t intending to give up my pudding that way. But lo and behold, the darn stuff flew right out of that waxed paper cup. I shrieked and bemoaned my loss while he laughed and started licking the stuff right off his shirt.

Ah well, lessons learned and now I do not make any sudden moves with my chocolate pudding. He can do whatever he wants with his.

Ta-ta for now.

Gardner puppet theater, with Dave and Chris.

Puppeteer Dave with audience Chris