Sayonara Marvin

… were some of the first words that my brother Chris spoke whilst in ICU, shortly before being asked to state his name, the year, and the hospital he’s in. He also noted the name of Lore, Data’s evil twin. The guy still has a sense of humor even after having his skull cracked open by his BFD Edy-with-the-magic-hands. The doc skillfully plucked that alien right outta Chris’ head, and then bespoke the words that let us breathe a sigh of relief:  “All clear and clean margins”. Slices of that now-extricated Marvin are off to the pathologist and we should hear back about those in a few days or so.

The Recovery Room and ICU nurses (shout out to Ross!!), Dr. Aulisi and his Physician Assistants (shout out to Matt!!) are all keeping their keen eyes on Chris as he recovers, repairs, rests, and responds to their questions (“my pain is about 4.2365”). They are keeping us well informed and making sure to track Nicole down no matter where we wind up wandering a midst a very large and very busy big city hospital (awesome cafeteria by the way). I’m sure there are names I should be remembering here, with a big thank you for the excellent care he is (and we are) receiving. And, that very special staff person who helped us wind our way out of that maze of a building and find our car; talk about care, she was awesome and exactly what we needed at the end of a very long and stress-filled day.

Many many many heartfelt thanks and hugs to Michael Shochet, who accompanied Chris, Nicole, CJ and I throughout today’s difficult journey. And thanks to Anita too, for hanging out with Nicole in the OR waiting room whilst sister Pam sped through DC streets with CJ as a back-seat navigator and me snapping pics of our Potomac crossing.

The pics I’m including below are all approved by Chris, which show how the day progressed a midst a flurry of texts and phone calls from back and forth across the country. All the well-wishes and prayers received from family and friends held him in good stead. Your constant stream of caring words meant more than you will ever know.

And now, without further adieu…


I’m gonna rock this gown!


Rock, paper, scissors…


Tech-toys don’t make the wait any shorter…


He did get Ryker’s Straw! (And a lovely white turban)

Aye aye, matey!