1 Day and a wakeup to go, fire drills today!

I feel liRiker_strawke I’m ready to have my brain invader sucked out now! Can’t wait for the whole shebang to be done!

Today turned out to be a very busy day. Nicole and I had breakfast with our BFF Hemant, and I ate everything in sight (cue the steroids for a bow). Lots of pancakes, plus eggs and decaf! I won’t bore you with a picture of my meal. While all that eatin’ was going on, we had Nicole’s car fixed (broke headlight), didn’t want her getting ticketed driving home from the hospital at night. Then a rest for a bit, and some home administrivia – there’s tons of that still to be done! And throughout the day we had workmen fixing and painting outside, plus the landscapers showed up and made lots of noise, so my wonderful meditation time with Mel was slightly delayed – but it worked excellently well in centering me and helping me calm the steroid-induced jeebies croaking through my system.

The first fire drill ensued when Nicole had the thought that, maybe we should call the hospital and just verify that everything was ready for our arrival early Thursday morning. Duh, it wasn’t. So a lot of backing and forthing with faxes, orders, and emails and so tomorrow morning I have to go get some exam stuff done with my regular doctor (last time I’m thinkin’), and the rest of it’ll be done Thursday morning, e.g., another MRI, tons of vampires with big teeth poking blood out of me, a barber ready to shave some of my hair (read on below for what I did to make that more amusing!), some magic markers to make sure they outline the right spot for BFD Edy to start a’sawin’, and other indignation I must endure.

chris' haircut for surgerSo realizing that they’re gonna shave just part of my head, and that I may not be showering normally for a week or more, I felt it was my sworn duty to ease the burden of my caregivers and at least make the hair part easier. So what did I do, but have my wonderful hairdresser Sarah give me a G.I. haircut. I haven’t had hair this short since my Navy days! But now I need not worry about combing hair, and cleaning what’s left of it will be much easier. Everybody says I look so military! I was actually aiming for my father’s flat-top haircut from my youth, and I think she came very close.

Ok, 2nd fire drill, we got a cold call on Nicole’s work phone from Jon, who is our new BFN (best friend nurse). From our healthcare insurance provider, he filled our heads (at least Nicole’s, mine’s sort of occupied at the moment) with lots of good information on what to expect, with tons more gory and not-so-gory details we hadn’t yet gotten from the hospital. We now feel much more prepared for what’s coming, and that’s great! But during that 45-minute phone call, the other phones rang at least 20 times, the doorbell rang several times, and all sorts of other commotion happened I couldn’t even recognize. I think the house fell down and was resurrected during the call, but I could be mistaken – maybe that’s just the drugs!

At the end of that call, fire drill #3, my beloved sister Lisa arrived – yay! This was a good fire drill! I taught her how to make my wicked turkey burgers on the grill, and we had dinner with few interruptions. But we had to fill her head with tons of little details on what goes on around the house, where stuff is, and some stuff we hope she’ll remember about come Thursday when we disappear. I know she’ll do just fine, and am so grateful she came! Thanks Carla (shout-out) – you are my BFBR (best friend blonde rattlesnake)!

Ok, settling down for some catnaps tonight, which is much better than a night of Netflix! Things are quieting down, and I’m very low on energy, even with taking Mel’s advice to take a 10-minute break every 2 hours for some centering. So much more went on, but what the heck, I can’t remember everything – part of my memory is in buffer overrun!

The’the’that’s all for now! I’ll try to post tomorrow before the big day, and then Lisa will take over till I can get my fingers to work right with my right-brain all drained! CYA!