A Wakeup – Post Time


Well, I think I’m ready. Haircut, no shave, no two bits. Spoke to Doc Edy and he was so calming, it’s all routine and gonna go so smoothly, yeah! It was such a busy day that I’m darn tired and think I might be able to sleep some. Not sure about Nicole, she got an hour nap earlier, Doc Edy said she won’t sleep for 4 days, but I sure will – lazy dog that I am. Morning started with a new physical with a new family doc, he gave me the once-over, declared me insane (just kidding!), and healthy as a horse, except for this nagging feeling in the back of my head…(ta-dum-dum). EKG came out great, weight was too much (I think his scale is off, how could I gain 8 lbs in 2 days even with steroids!). My scale is world-class, and I calibrate it weekly. BP and all the other vitals within reason for a guy like me. Geez, you’d think something would be wacky? Oh wait…


Adam is taller than me, of course!

Then downstairs for a stick with the vampire, 2nd bite this month! philebrity1Tomorrow I’m sure there will be more blood-sucking nurses, but just keep those zombies away while my brain is exposed! Came home in time to meditate with the wonderful Mel (thank you!), and then some time for getting all the home paperwork settled with Nicole so she’s not gonna have to rip my head off because some papers are missing or checks not written 🙂 Actually, we did work out the details of getting all the details done, so it’s ‘all good’ as my friend Adam says. And for my final meal before I have to stop eating and drinking (aww, just for a day), we made burritos! Lisa and Nicole pumped me so full of water I’m leaking, which is good advice for going in for surgery – be plumped up so drawing blood is easy. Not so squeamish now, I’m ready for nearly anything!

So a cleansing shower to finish out the day, a few nice chats and even a txt msg or two with a few of my closest few. Lemme now try to sleep because the alarm goes off at the unGodly hour of 5:50am so we can make our date with the MRI people downtown. Probly a tube or 10, but at this point I don’t really care. Saw Michael who stopped by with some music for my iPhone to help me in the am before Nicole rips it out of my techie-hands and puts me on restriction for a goodly while. But I put one over on her, I loaded iOS7 and played around with it – Sheesh! I am enjoying the new OS already!

Ok, enough already, let’s try to sleep a bit before we sleep alot – or at least me. Everything I know to do to get ready is done, the smaller details don’t matter and it’s all up to God and my BFD Edy – I’m positive Edy will hold up his end, and I have a lotta faith in the big guy!

So goodnight and CYA l8ter! And Sayonara Marvin!marvin

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