What a cool MRI machine!

Got up at 5:30am (what are we, barbarians?) to make our 6:45 MRI appointment. Got there early, and were let in by a friendly family doctor who showed up before anyone else. Turned out he’s the guy who injects the contrast agent into me. This was an ‘open’ MRI, so instead of a coffin-sized tube they shove you in, this was like the crusher machine at the end of the first Terminator movie. Or maybe two thick pancakes, one above and one below – but open on either side.

Open MRIThis was a totally different experience than last week, we’re definitely going to this one from now on. Even with the injection (I hate needles), it was a much less unpleasant event. And the acutal scan only lasted about 12 minutes. There was nice music playing, and the technician was from the Ukraine and called me ‘honey’! Nicole got to sit in as well. It took awhile to do the paperwork and all, and they couldn’t read the CD we’d got from the first MRI but gave us 2 copies of today’s pictures.

A nice treat after, Nicole took me to breakfast! And for the first time in days, I was actually hungry and ate a lot – that did me for the whole day. We also stopped at my regular doctor’s office, a very nice person named Holly had rounded up a bunch of records for us from my last foray into brain issues over 5 years ago. No pictures though, we’ll have to hit up the hospital to get them from the archives/dungeon. Then back home for a long nap.

Since I’m still not totally out of it, I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce for us to freeze. Then took another snooze on the couch, woke up to pick at my sauce – still full from breakfast I guess. Then upstairs for a quick chat with Mom and Laura, and I’m fighting the bees away to get this down before I hit the sack.

Gee, I think I sleep as much as Astro now! What a life, sleeping 18 hours a day or more – but I don’t want to get used to this, still too much to do. Tomorrow we’ll start on a pre-op bucket list, and oh bother, work on taxes. They have to be done before they start to unscrew my skull. Nicole is discovering my unique method of tax preparation – leave stuff lying all over and haphazardly organized. Oh well…

…just got off the phone with my doctor, we’re going to wait till Friday to start the steroids, likely since the other med is keeping me horizontal so much. Also, he wasn’t sure if he was going to do the surgery Monday or Thursday of next week, that’s up to his scheduler. Nicole will call her tomorrow and ask, ‘if it’s all the same, can we do Thursday?’ to give us time to get all our preparations in order. But it will be whatever it has to be. So that phone call woke me up a bit, but the thrill has already worn off, so I’m drifting back into my own little fog-machine.

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