Another day closer to surgery, this is taking too long!

So I’m sitting here waiting for my friend and part-time babysitter to come watch over me whilst Nicole and CJ go to senior night. No worries there, CJ already knows where he wants to go to school (NU) and what he wants to study (CS). He just needs to scrape time away from the IB classes to work on the applications and his essay questions. Lucky we have help there, thanks Robin!

Today was the first day of double-dose anti-seizure meds. Levetiracetam’s the name, loopy-ness is its game. Doc says I’ll adjust in a few weeks, but since surgery is next week, does that mean I’m gonna be on this stuff for longer?

Tomorrow is the contrast MRI. Another visit to the coffin, this time with IV. I hate IVs, but they need the dye in there to show everything up nice and clear. Otherwise who knows what they might cut out? I have it on good authority I don’t need much of my frontal lobe anyway, but I’d rather they take the tumor and nuttin’ else, thank you very much. So I’ll grit my teeth and try not to pass out. But dang, 6:45am is early!

IMG_0034I spent much of today sleeping, not sure if it’s a side effect of the meds or just plain old laziness on my part. I even slept through (or skipped?) my meditation session with Melanie, and woke up groggy just in time to go with Nicole and CJ to his doctor for his annual checkup and the all-important form needed to let him play sports this year. Oh yeah, at some point my phone rang and I answered it (asleep?) to make Friday’s appointment with my awesome doc. Managed to hand off the phone to Nicole who took care of it.

So perhaps I will adjust to this stuff sooner rather than later, and stop doing a convincing imitation of PMS. C’mon really, this isn’t that bad, the prognosis is good, the recuperation may be shorter than expected, and I’m surrounded by loved ones. Hey I even have a walkie-talkie so my mother-in-law can make sure I’m conscious from time to time!

Anyway, I wish time would fast-forward to next week so we can get this over with.

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