We’re not in Kansas Anymore

GlindaOk I’m feeling good enough to at least write a few words. I hope Lisa will do some filtering for me, ‘humorizing’, and adding some pictures to my droll description of what’s happened over the last few days. Didn’t get a chance to Hangout with my lil’ sistah since Saturday, so here’s me trying to do some blogging on my own. My first post, post-surgery! Won’t take credit for the final <fantastical> version that I’m sure Lisa will dress up like for a prom dance.  <how’m I doin’ so far?>

Barry came by on Sunday and after laughing at the jokes he cracked, I mentioned that my super hearing had noticed some missing sounds from my multimedia cabinet. He checked and yes indeed, two fans had stopped working and he did a little magic and now it all sounds normal, as it should be. Thanks Barry! Back to 7 distinct tones from that loud cabinet-at least to me since Marvin left the building.

Had a relatively busy weekend with lots of visitors, which was great but a little too much for my wickedly low stamina level. I do depend on Nicole to handle the comings and goings of all our wonderful and loving visitors, but I don’t envy her job. My ability to self-control my activities is kinda missing a few things right now, and she’s gotta work hard to keep me within my sensory stimulation limitations.


Thankfully Emile, our gentle home health care worker who hails from Sierra Leone, stayed Friday evening till Sunday morning, giving Nicole the much needed opportunity to get two good nights of sleep. Emile was great, reading me the paper and keeping me in good company through my own naps and chillin’ with my head-wraps.

Sunday started with Rabbi Amy visiting along with a great friend (and client!) Marti, my babysitter who handed me off to neighbor Joan – I admit I slept most way through Joan’s shift. They came to babysit me so Nicole could go work in the Temple’s Judaica store for her monthly volunteer work. Then the cousins from Baltimore came to visit, so sweet! I’m going to listen to cousin Julia’s radio show on Wednesday at 10am, www.wvau.org where she’s a sophomore having a great year! Cousin Johnathon was so funny, and cousin Lisa was so wonderful, thanks guys! Then Barry came over and afterwards I rested a bit I think before dinner, and after.

Monday was a very quiet day in the aftermath of a busy weekend. Lazing around in the morning and working on the new website design in leetle bits and pieces – lots of breaks. In the afternoon, I had PT with Larry (not the cable guy) who was great chatting about football, in which I’m now starting to get more interested! Most importantly, he graduated me from the walker to my specially-made cane. Now that’s a good step forward! ta-dum-dum

I stayed up till 11pm Monday night and then was up at 5am to see Nicole off with CJ. Ok, i was up since 2am but I’m not counting. She took him to school where he promptly caught the bus for Baltimore along with his school cybersecurity club for the finals of Maryland’s CyberChallenge-MDC3. Three of his club’s teams placed in the top five of 58 finalists, and his team (he is the Team Captain and also Prez of the club) took 2nd place, winning each team member another college scholarship; CJ’s 3rd so far – w00t w00t!

And Tuesday was another fairly quiet day, although my OT Patti had me doing some balancing exercises. The house began to pitch, the kitchen took a slitch, but I didn’t fall down!

We had a nice dinner from Joan – Puerto Rican chicken and vegetables. Lip-smacking good grub. I also worked on the PositTek.net new website design (in-between naps, in small bits). We’re getting closer to being ready to flip the switch, just a few more touches that Pam is going to migrate over some of our better articles from the existing vBulletin site. BFD Edy may not like me doing a few minutes (really!) of work, but I so love and enjoy the sense of accomplishment! Plus, I think I’ve turned the corner on handling balance issues – my head is still sloshy but it’s not as disorienting. And I can turn my head a little faster now without everything swimming in front of me (reference to that tile-lined swimming pool Edy installed in my head to replace Marvin).

It’s been two and a half weeks since I had brain surgery. I feel like I’m recovering quite nicely. <Lisa here. I remind him to stick to the doc’s orders and not get back to work too soon, cuz it’s like making sure you take all the antibiotics even if you feel better. The point is to make sure you are better.> Maybe next week I’ll re-engage on social networking? We’ll see…one day at a time.

Even though they hover around a three on the Lego-head scale, we are a bit worried about the non-stop headaches. Nicole will check in with Doc Edy and see if we can switch me to some over-the-counter pain meds, which oughta hold ’em down along with my nice ice head wrap. And, I keep reminding myself what big sistah Laura said, “Click your heels three times and …”


Oh wait, that’s not what she said. She said the headaches will end.

 ♪ I can wile away the hours,
Conferrin’ with the flowers,
Consultin’ with the rain.
And my head I’ll be scratchin’
As my thoughts are busy hatchin’
Cuz I have an abby normal brain. ♪

G’night y’all.


<pay no attention to the sistah behind the curtain> thanks Li, you done great!