FrankenChris – Uuuuuhn

<Lisa here, with blogger anxieties. I’m sure I can’t repeat the hilarity of that last post. Chris gave me few tidbits to work with today, so I guess I’ll just have to embellish. As I always do.>


I’ve had no pain meds since noon yesterday, yay! Those underpants, erm, ice-packs on my head are awesome. Though, I’ve noticed a lack of feeling just behind the staple line and I’m pretty sure it’s not because I’ve frozen my noggin.

I’m probably gonna be using a walker for at least another week or so while I stumble about the house. We put tennis balls on the back legs of the walker to stop it from scratching up the floors. But hey, when I finally toss that walker aside, we can use those tennis balls for more practical matters (fetch Astro! No? Oh, okay. Let’s take a nap. Good boy.)

This morning I was quick to remove my nice ice head wrap before our temple admin, Beth and her daughter Evelyn came by. They dropped off a delicious looking quiche, which we’ll dig in to for breakfast tomorrow. Thank you!


After they left, I put my wrap back on and took a little snooze until cousins from Baltimore came to visit. Jonathan, Lisa and Julia brought me presents! A puzzle game. A crossword puzzle book. A word-search book. A small puzzle. It might take me awhile to complete all those, but we had no trouble whatsoever snarging down that bag of carmel corn they brought. Thank you!

And then, yep, you guessed it. I took a nap, which gave me plenty of energy to chow down some Legal Seafood that Nicole had picked up for dinner. Thank you! Those fish and chips were deelish <he says, jiggling his belly>. Which reminds me about something. Nicole really likes my Yul Brynner look and I think she wouldn’t mind it if I kept my head shaved (scar and all).

<Lisa here. At this point Chris and I discussed the benefits of hair, and lack thereof. I typically keep mine short but have been trying to grow my mop for the last few months. It’s still too short to donate to Locks of Love, and so I need help keeping it growing until February. That’s six months from now and I don’t know if I can make it that long. Chris chimed in that he’d grow his hair for six months too… We’ll see what Nicole has to say about that!>

Oh! I hung out with bother Dave, who I set up with an account on PosiTek. And, I did a little bit of work  too cuz the new site wasn’t working quite right. I sent a quick note off to tech support for help <who would that be?>, and then I figured out what needed to be done.


I think the site is just about ready, so I asked Pam to notify our current members about the upcoming release, and instructions for what they’ll need to do…

Get ready, it’ll be alive soon!