Two hops forward, one walker step back…

(Lisa here, once again posting for Chris, whom I finally caught up with over the phone today.)

TFbunnyhatI just finished physical therapy and so I’m feeling a bit tired, but much better than the past three days. I’ve not had much energy and have been suffering through some outrageous headaches that hopped from 2 to 4 in 15 seconds flat! And nothing but an ice cold ice pack on top of my head would help to keep it from jumping up to 6 before the pain meds kicked in.

Anyway, here’s the daily rundown of what you missed these past three days…

Friday, in between headaches, I watched our Temple service online and I saw Bruce B. on the Bimah doing the after service announcements. I was pleasantly surprised when he gave me a shout out. Thanks Bruce!

Not much to report for Saturday because the headaches came fast and furious, making the day a bit blurry.

I did rent the Tom Cruise flick, “Oblivion”, and the movie was visually really good, with a good story all the way up to the ending, but I didn’t like the ending. If anyone knows of a 48-hour rental please send me the info because I rented that movie on a 24-hour turnaround and it took me 23 hours to get it watched in between and betwixt all those headaches. I just cannot watch TV or a computer screen for very long, it wears me out.

Sunday I was feeling a little better. Nicole’s father came over for brunch, plus two friends from the Temple. Bruce & Ted provided a most excellent adventure with their brunch of blintzes and bagels. The food was sooooo tasty and the company was fantastic. We sat out on the porch and I sat up in a chair. It was wonderful. Perfect. Granted the visit was a bit too long and I got a massive headache and had to go lie down for a few hours.


When I got up from my nap, Nicole and I worked on CJ’s college application paperwork. The counselor wants a package that includes two documents. We worked on the resume, and brainstormed some ideas and bullet points to illustrate his greatest challenges and most significant accomplishments. That about did me in for the day. I had no energy left for the monthly GClan Google Hangout, and more importantly, I had to miss watching SNL with host Tina Fey hosting. Whew! Thanks to Nicole for recording it so that we can watch the show when I’ve got a little more pep in my step, which brings me to some sad news…

StarWalkerNeither my PT nor my OT like the four-legged cane I’d started using last week, and neither do I. So, I’ve switched back to my Luke Sky Walker until I get a little (ah, okay, a lot) more stable on my feet. Once I do get stabilized, I’ll switch to using my Hapkido cane, which was measured and made special just for me.

Today – Monday, I introduced Emile K. to my sister Lisa via a Google Hangout. He is so gentle when he washes what little hair I have and pat’s my staples dry. He reads the paper for me when I’ve used up my eyeballs with the Physical Therapist.

I did a teeny tiny bit of work on Positek with Pam. She is holding down that fort, helping clients with tech questions and working on producing a few more shows.

Facing future: The suture and staples in my head come out on Wednesday. W00t W00t! And say s’long to the Spartan cuz I’m weening off the steroids this week, and then we’ll be left with just li’l ol’ weepy me (until I can get off the anti-seizure meds in a few months).

CJ got his license and is doing great with his driving. He’s taking his second SAT test this coming weekend, and he’s been working really hard. I’m gonna need a babysitter that day, any volunteers out there?

He’s also applying via early-action to two awesome schools here in the northeast, and we hope to know if he’s been accepted by the end of December. That would be great because then he can focus on his grades, his cybersecurity competitions, and his plethora of extra-curricular activities, including driving his dad all around. I think by then I’ll be ready to go out on the town. With top hat and cane, of course.