One Singular Sensation

“Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.”
~ Annie (quote found on Brain Tumor Foundation)

Sept 19, 2014 is one year since Marvin was extracted from Chris’ brain. Perhaps I was being a bit melancholic but the other day I read over most of the posts on this blog, and many of the texts frantically sent in those anxious hours before, during and after his surgery.

In these, and in the past 365 days, I’m sure we’ve all learned some amazing things. About Chris and his family. About his friends. About ourselves.

We experienced a camaraderie that may have been forced upon us, overwhelmed and overpowered us, but ultimately reminded us of the joy of communion during difficult times. With much food and fibrillations, tears and tribulations, laughter and libations. And love, enduring.

Happy anniversary to Chris, Nic and CJ, and to all of those who opened their arms, their hearts, and their ovens.



One thought on “One Singular Sensation

  1. Chris

    Thanks Lisa! We were reflecting last night about this last year, and Nicole posted a touching note on Caring Bridge. I’m going to post an update today. Luvya!