Day 8 and Small Wins

(Here I am again, posting for Chris with my own little twist. Enjoy.)

I used a four-legged cane today. And I shaved. And Nicole is sporting a new quaff and looking quite lovely. And I got my bling back. There’s something comforting about these small wins cuz they make us feel like we are inching back to normal even if it is a 6-12 month recovery. And with my switch from walker to cane I think my shuffle is a bit less dangerous to the furniture and walls, and Astro.

nowhininginPTFor those of you hoping to reach me by phone or facetime, please note that I am technology-restricted these days. I really do get weary if I’m on the phone or iPad too much. And fortunately today I had only a few visitors, which included a treasured talk with Temple president Andy. Then the PT guy forced me through a few exercises, after which Pam came over to work on some Digital Minutes and the new PosiTek site design, and make some juice. Yum, homemade juice.

catnapsI got lots of catnaps in between CJ’s breakfast and my own, before and after Andy, before and after physical therapy, before and after lunch. Well, just about all day. I’m hoping Nicole can get a good night’s sleep tonight because we have lots of visitors queued up for tomorrow. As of today, she’s been spending eight+ long days and nights worrying over and caring for me, making sure I’ve got everything I need and coordinating all the visitors, well-wishers, caretakers, meal deliveries, and more. (Thank you Nicole, and thank you all!)

Tomorrow is occupational therapy day during which I’ll get an assessment. My balance feels very compromised and I’m experiencing a lot of dizziness, particularly when I move my head too fast. I guess that’s to be expected while I get used to this new swimming pool sloshing about in my head where Marvin used to be.


Exigius 12½

My head is pulsating now, and it seems the buzz of radar and radio waves are getting louder and more distinct. Did you know? I can hear radar, as can my brother Dave. I don’t know if CJ inherited this particular evolutionary twist, but if so I sure hope it will be useful with his cyber pursuits.

We don’t yet have the pathology report, but we go see BFDoc Edy next Wednesday to get the staples removed, and so we’ll ask him about the report then. We’ll also ask him for the pictures of his high-tech OR too, because as I recall it was pretty snazzy.


“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.” –  Anon