Axe me how I feel today

<Lisa here. I talked with Chris today via Google Hangout, and caught him taking his underpants* off his head when he joined the call. *Okay okay, it’s really not underpants but rather a headwrap that holds the ice that helps to keep the headache from getting really bad.>

TeaNcrumpetsSorry I haven’t been around much. I was having some really bad days last week cuz I think I overdid it a couple weekends ago. I suppose that is what caused the horrible pressure I was feeling at the top of my head, and I lost most of last week laying low and recovering. The pressure has lessened and the headache is hovering around a 3 now. I can deal with a 3, and can even sleep with a 3 if I’m really tired.

Today I am feeling much better. I do need my naps and sensory breaks, and I’m still taking some time to compose my thoughts. But my thinking is clear and I’m able to concentrate for much longer periods of time. I have been working on the new Positek site, probably too much, but I am going a bit stir crazy. Okay, a lot. And I am bored out of my skull. I really do appreciate the times when my friends kidnap me and take me out for tea. (Thanks Barry! Thanks Mike!)

LifeofPiRides in cars make me realize that I really shouldn’t be driving myself around anytime soon. I’m¬†experiencing quite a bit a dizzyness, as if I’m swaying on a little boat in a stormy sea. I definitely need to use my cane when I go for walks outside because it feels like I’m going to lose my balance.

Yesterday we had a few visitors, including the Epsteins who brought dinner and stayed to teach us a new board game that is good for my brain. A couple of other neighbors came by and dropped off some dinners, and so now we’ve got plenty of food to last us a few days.


Today I’m by myself because CJ and Nicole are off touring George Mason University. Later this week we go see the neurologist to talk about my constant headache. And my superhearing, which I think might be a contributing factor. I need to wear earplugs to help reduce the cacophony from the lights and flights and other loud (sic) noises that surround me. (Gee, I suppose I could reduce the number of electronic devices I have… Nah!)

There is another alien inside my head these days. Not Marvin, just someone with a broom handle who keeps poking from the inside of my head, makes my scalp all tingly and weird feeling. I know it’s just the bone and nerves and skin all knitting back together. And I suppose some day my hair will grow where the scar is, after the last of the few scabs from the incision finally fall off.

I guess, at this point, my progress is kinda like the stock market. There’s a general upward trend but with an occasional dip here and valley there. I’m just glad to be on the upside this week.


9 thoughts on “Axe me how I feel today

  1. Debbie Levin Jardot

    Chris you are unbelievable. I read these posts multiple times amazed at your attitude, humor and honesty. You and your family are such an inspiration. You are going from patient to person and that takes so much strength. Thank you for the gift of making all of your readers aware of all of your honest rides on the roller coaster. Love to you all. Debbie J

    1. Chris

      Thank you Debbie! I go from laughter to tears every day – it seems like my progress is great one minute, then frustratingly slow the next. But at least it’s going upwards, sorta. You are seeing the (in)famous Gardner humor at work – we make light of just about anything, it seems to make coping easier on everyone. At least I hope so! I so much appreciate you and all my friends who communicate good thoughts to me, send good energy my way, and are truly making my recovery easier. Thank you!

  2. Haas Ararauna

    As a long-time professional migraineur, I sure know what you’re going through. There have been times I’ve gotten up to an 8, but these days, when I do get them, they hover around 6 or 7s. Haven’t had one in a few months now. Hang in there, bro. It gets better. I don’t know why acupuncture worked for me. I have absolutely no scientific explanation for its success on me, but it did work. Maybe you can try it too? Can’t hurt. Well, a little. Those needles!

  3. Chris

    Thanks Haas, your flight over the pond and visit here was awesome, and I am totally with you in commiserating the plight of headaches. I haven’t had an 8 in a few weeks, most are like yours in the 6-7 range. And while I was ‘in hospital’ I completely lost my fear of needles, the vampires descended hourly, so the little pinpricks got routine. Maybe I’ll give acupuncture a try, thanks!

  4. Karen

    Chris, I am so glad to read your update, as you were in my thoughts all last week. I completely relate to the patience it must take to keep your pace so much lower than your usual olympic speed. I wonder if a dose of meditation or other Buddhist inspired relaxation might help. It was wonderful to see you all last week!

    1. Chris

      Hi Karen, it was great to see you and catch up at least a little! I have been doing meditation (thanks to Melanie, my Reiki & meditation coach and wonderful friend), and that has helped, along with ice and Excedrin for the 7-week-long headache, and catnaps throughout the day and night. Thanks for everything!

  5. uncle Gary

    Chris, I pray that ‘you will get back to a condition that will allow you to play the game that we both love. GOLF GODS ARE YOU LISTENING? Susan and I play a game called Mexican Train with our neighbors and friends. If you’ve never heard of it, check it out, it’s a lot of fun and has some strategy. Love you, uncle

    1. Chris

      Oh yes, golf is good! When spring hits I’ll talk to my golf buddies about Mexican Train, thanks! love you too!