90 Days in the Space Odyssey

timo-pumpkin-headWell, it’s been 90 days since the whole pumpkin-head-top carving, and my headaches are still with me 24/7, but a bit less intense (now 2 normally, was 3 normally before, still pops up occasionally to a 5-6, but ice and Excedrin knock it back down to below 3 pretty reliably). Still floating on a boat, but I’ve got my sea legs, so it doesn’t bother me, just still have to use the cane and I wobble when I walk – meh. Hearing is still supernatural, especially in the upper registers, so earplugs are my friend. And everything still tastes good, I think I’m not losing weight here.

shutterstock_39036889_resultAnd I’ve developed a sometimes intense itch – on the inside of my skull where I can’t scratch! It comes and goes, but can be a real annoyance. And lastly, my sleep patterns and stamina are still flakey. All of this is getting old, I feel like I should be further along in the recovery than I am. But it is what it is, feh. Next month I go for a new MRI and a visit with my BFD Dr. Edy, then my neurologist Dr. Savani. I’m truly hoping that they will allow me to get off the Keppra (anti-seizure meds) – we read the label on the bottle a couple of weeks ago and it clearly says “May cause dizziness” – peh! Maybe once that’s out of my system the balance will stabilize and I can stop worrying about falling down all the time. Not that I have – perfect record so far – no falls!

Sistah Laura, I’m still counting on your promise that the headaches will go away, but I talked to a guy who had something very similar to mine 4 years ago (he did have post-surgical complications though, which I did not), and he said they lasted for 18 months! He’s still working on recovery – that was kinda depressing. I’m supposed to be back to forward to the new ‘normal’ in either 2-3 months (nope), or six months to a year (more likely). But I’m working hard at keeping positive, sometimes it’s kinda hard, sometimes not so.

facebook_iconBeen dipping my toes into the shallow end of the social networking pool – a like or comment on facebook every now and then, and a tweet or retweet every once in a while (like for The Voice). But still mostly staying away from going all-in with all that online mosh. At work, Pam’s doing all the Practical Help video editing and posting now. I’m doing the occasional odd-job drafting answers to questions our members pose. Sometimes I even finish them!

2001 A Space Odyssey (1968) Lobby Card 4This feels like a long journey – a space odyssey (hint, the space is in my head these days!). I should be enjoying the journey, but want this ride to be over. I’d like to get back to driving myself instead of having to beg a ride everywhere. I’d like to sleep through the night, or anytime for a solid 8 hours. As long as I’m wishing, I’d like to be able to spend more than an hour or so with friends or family without having to go have a ‘lie-down’. But I’m not complaining, after all, I’m in great shape and with a good prognosis for full recovery and (hopefully) no recurrence. Ok, maybe I’m complaining just a little.


So the year-end is coming, and 2013 is ending with a whimper. Besides my little troubles, we’ve had some roof leaks and other household calamities, plus issues with relatives. Be glad to kiss 2013 buh-bye, and let’s have a great 2014!

Looking forward to seeing CJ graduate and head off to college (gulp!), and the rest of my recovery. Oh, and an exciting new master bathroom (Feb-Mar?) with grab bars in the shower and all the non-skid I can handle – then I can fully move back upstairs! Been taking my showers and naps downstairs in our ADA’d guest suite. And especially driving, I miss the freedom to just get in the car and go anywhere I want, anytime I want (well, almost). Getting gas, groceries and dry cleaning will be a treat!

postopMy stock market rise in physical and mental improvement has been on a generally upward trend – each week I’m able to recount (or someone recounts to me – thanks Barry!) at least one thing I am doing I wasn’t doing the week before. And yes, this post is probably not as entertaining as the one’s Sistah Lisa has been doing for me, but I’m gonna do it myself!

Funny what thoughts run through your head when you look back on the whirlwind of the last 3 months, here’s a double handful:

  1. thankful to be alive
  2. thankful to not be a vegetable
  3. thankful to not be mentally deficient (right?)
  4. thankful that the tumor was ranked ‘benign’ and unlikely to recur
  5. thankful to still have some skills (right? looking for confirmation here)
  6. thankful my wife is still speaking to me
  7. thankful my son hasn’t forgotten me (nor his friends!)
  8. thankful that I’m improving in so many ways
  9. thankful that my family and friends have stuck with me
  10. thankful that we have health care coverage so the surgery et. al. didn’t make us go broke
  11. thankful for all the blessings of living in a world with good people everywhere
  12. thankful for everyone who cares, and for retaining the capacity to care and love

So let me close with: This holiday season, I sincerely wish for peace on earth and good will toward everyone. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

7 thoughts on “90 Days in the Space Odyssey

  1. Laura Swen

    Sistah Laura here…..
    Those headaches will go away Bro, just don’t know when your body wants to dump them.
    I’m glad that you are keeping a positive attitude along with humor……since they make the journey more exciting!

    1. Chris Post author

      Thanks Sistah! Yah the timing is unpredictable, but I’m hopeful. And I’m sure attitude plays a big part in recovery, didn’t it work out in your case?

      1. Laura Swen

        Yah, H & H……..humor & healing…….a match made in heaven, and definitely the recipe for my brain surgery recovery adventure back in 2009.

        Love you little brother!

  2. Karen

    I’m sure it feels like forever, but the headache #s are sounding better, and driving?? wow – glad to hear it! Next thing I know you’ll be fencing in the basement again. Go guy!

    1. Chris Post author

      Thanks! I’m hoping to be ready to start driving sometime this spring – but have to wait till I’ve been off the Keppra for awhile and my doctor clears me (and I feel confident enough).

  3. Li Gardner

    My dear tumor-less bruthuh!

    Glad to see you post a post cuz it’s been awhile. I’ve been thinking about you a lot, not the least because my hair is not growing as fast as I’d like it to and it’s really irritating me right now. I can put the back in a pony tail but the front still falls out and gets in my eyes, my nose, my mouth… Just two more months to go and I’ll be whacking it all off.

    So, how’s your doo? Please do post some pictures!

    Love ya big bruthuh! And my seester-in-law and my nephew too! Miss you all, and let’s make sure my next visit is on a more happy note (but just as deelicious, seriously your neighbors’ and friends’ cooking was yummy).

    Hugs n’ kisses all around. Google chat atchya tonight, right?

  4. Chris Post author

    Hi Li! I’ve been missing you too! And the hair! I’ll send you a selfie – mine’s not growing too fast either. Still have the wrong part in my hair, just some short wiry bits growing in the furrow. What time ya wanna google chat? I just woke up a little bit ago, gotta eat something quick, but then just hangin…